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  • Bhudatri Syrup Helps improve liver function

Bhudatri Syrup Helps improve liver function

  • Quantity

    100 ml

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MRP: 850

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Specifications of Bhudatri Syrup Helps improve liver function

  • About Product

    Helps improve liver function. Indicated in Jaundice, Anemia, Liver disorders. 


  • Directions for Use

    10ml thrice daily

  • Restrictions

    Not recommended for persons who have uncontrolled diabetes.

    Phyllanthus has been used for generations in India as an immune system stimulator and to treat people with liver disease including hepatitis. In traditional Chinese medicine, the practitioners use this herb, with its “cool” nature, to clear dampness, heat and toxicity. Research has shown that Phyllanthus urinaria has been shown to block DNA polymerase, which is the enzyme needed for the hepatitis B virus to reproduce.

  • Ideal For Men, Women
  • For Age Teenage, Adult, Seniors
  • Useful For Body Part Liver
Additional Details
  • Product Type Liquid
  • Quantity 100
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