Koflence - Relieves Cough and throat irritation

  • Best For

    Sore throat ,Cough

  • Quantity

    10 Sachet

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MRP: 100

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Specifications of Koflence - Relieves Cough and throat irritation

  • About Product

    Koflence granules help relieve cold and dry cough associated with Allergy, Asthma, throat irritation & Chest congestion.

  • Directions for Use

    Koflence granules can be directly chewed or dissolved in the mouth and swallowed for lasting relief.

    Take 2 to 3 sachets per day.

    Store in a cool dry place away from light

  • Restrictions


  • Ideal For Men, Women
  • For Age Children, Teenage, Adult, Seniors
  • Useful For Body Part Throat, Lungs
  • For Conditions Sore throat , Cough
Additional Details
  • Product Type Sachet
  • Quantity 25 Sachet
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